Michelle Lipson Woodworking


Person Training for Woodworkers

6 hours in one intensive session.

This session is designed to concentrate on building skills more than building a particular project.

Perhaps you have some new ideas, but veneering is foreign to you. Maybe you’re limited by some of your tools and want to learn some tricks building jigs to machine parts safely. This is the perfect opportunity to practice and gain hands on experience.

If you’re a newbie and you want to get your feet wet, we can touch on each of the tools in the shop.

Some ideas include:
• project design
• milling
• veneering
• joinery
• bent lamination
• specialty skill of your choice (with the exception of hand cut dovetails.... I hate cutting dovetails).

This is highly customizable time. Like all of my session we begin with a conversation about expectations and how to use the time. Then we cover those goals.